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Posted on 23 June 2019 by admin (0)

The most beautiful places in Sweden

Sweden is a fascinating county, filled with mountains and lakes that’ll take your breath away. Still, not many tourists go there, probably because it’s quite expensive, and if you don’t enjoy winter, there’s only a few weeks of the year when you can experience summer in Sweden. But if you do find yourself there, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many beautiful spots there in Sweden. Here are the most beautiful places in Sweden.


The capital city of Sweden is amongst the most beautiful in the world, thanks to its accessibility to nature and old architecture. Stockholm is a vibrant city that’s built on lakes, so you can be sure to see some spectacular nature, even if it’s in a capital city. Head over to the Old Town of Stockholm, arguably one of the most beautiful places in Stockholm, where you can head into a cozy cafe and do like the locals— have coffee and a bun and sit for hours with your friend chatting away. In Swedish it’s known as “fika” (a term you’ll come across several times while traveling in Sweden).


Far up north in Sweden you’ll find Kiruna, one of the most popular places for travelers to visit, especially during winter. Why winter, you might wonder. It’s because it’s one of the best spots to see the northern lights. Besides that, Kiruna is cozy and small, with lots of nature and mountains surrounding it.


This city burnt down twice, but managed to rebuild itself and is now known as one of Sweden’s most beautiful cities. You’ll understand why when you go there. It’s nestled in the mountains and has several ski slopes where you can practice your skiing skills. The city center has some fantastic architecture as well and their university “Mittuniversitetet” is considered as Sweden’s most beautiful university.


Down south you’ll find the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg. It’s loved by hipsters who prefer a more chilled environment. Although it’s the second largest city, it has a more relaxed atmosphere than Stockholm for example, but it’s just as beautiful as the capital. Gothenburg is a must-visit when you go to Stockholm.


The island of Gotland is a Swedish gem and even locals feel like they’ve entered a new country when they arrive to Gotland. Visit it during the summer months when you can bike around, hike, have a picnic and just marvel at the Swedish nature that’s still unspoilt and untouched.


The south of Sweden is filled with gorgeous cities, but perhaps Helsingborg is the most interesting of them all. Walk along the cobblestone streets of Helsingborg, explore the cute alleyways and take the boat to Denmark if you want to tick off another country on your list. During summer time, you can also head to one of the beaches close to Helsingborg, which has been dubbed as Sweden’s most beautiful beaches.

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